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     Each Self-Protection seminar covers 3 categories of training.            

1. I explain how criminals choose their victims. We look at the various items, and give thought to where in our lives we may need to make adjustments to decrease the chance of being chosen to be a victim.

2. Next I cover things having to do with a person’s mindset. This is the most important element of not just surviving an attack, but actually coming thru on the positive side. A person with the proper mental attitude, when they get chosen, even if they do not know how to defend themselves, will more often than not, come thru a violent engagement on the positive side.

3. That leaves the third category, which is physical techniques of self-defense. When a person is in the midst of a crisis situation, their heart rate goes up. As the heart rate increases, the ability to do fine motor skills decreases. To compensate for this I have chosen techniques which do not require fine motor skills.

Children are in danger from predators.

No one likes to hear that, but that is the truth.

With the way things have become, many people would take action if they saw a child being abducted. Unfortunately the abduction is seldom witnessed.

Because of this, after much soul searching, I have decided that I am not the best person to meet that need.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, I strongly and highly recommend the program presented by Phil Peplinski

If you do not live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, contact Phil anyway. I suspect you could persuade him to present a seminar at your location. All I request is that you treat him with the respect that he is due, and that you compensate him accordingly.

During the Self-Protection seminars the level of physical contact made will be about the same as a firm, respectful handshake.

Proper attire:
  • If you typically wear sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt, then please wear that.
  • If you typically low-heels and business attire, then please wear that.
  • If you typically wear high-heels and a dress, then please wear that .......
    (with shorts on underneath).

      The material that I share, to be of benefit to the attendee, must be something that the attendee can do, regardless of what they are wearing at the time. The only adjustment we will make will be the removal of jewelry.

Subscriptions and Progressions:
All classes also available on a subscription basis.

      A subscription is when an employer/organization, pre-purchases a set of seminars to be offered over an extended period of time.

      For Example:
      a set of 4 - "1 hour" seminars could be purchased and each presented 3-4 months apart. One possible reason for this type of a subscription would be to train new employes as they are hired. Another reason would be as an annual refresher.

      A progression package is also available, for employer/organization or groups of individuals. A progression pack would be the purchase of a series of seminars that would build, one upon another, each presented on a separate day.

      For Example:
      The typical "3-Pack" is a
             1.5 hour educational seminar;
             1.5 hour partnered training of the foundational physical techniques of self-defense;
             1.5 hour partnered training of the intermediate physical techniques of self-defense.

The progression packages are intended to be attended by the same individuals. To facilitate this, a progression package would typically be presented over a period of 1-4 weeks.
                  (one per day, or one per week)

      Over and over again I see people say it will never happen to them.
  • Sometimes they are talking about violent crime...
  • Sometimes they are talking about my asking them to volunteer for a demonstration...

                  The difference between the two???
  • After the violent crime, they are sad and hurting...
  • After volunteering for a demonstration, they are all grins.

Let the choice be yours... but do decide today.
Product Descriptions

Self-Protection Concepts, LLC
Owner/Instructor: Richard M. Liebespach
Cell/Text: 813-597-8652
In order to insure proper and safe learning,
all of my seminars that involve physical participation,
are limited to 20 attendees.
Concealed Weapons Permit classes are limited to 12 attendees

The Firearms classes I present are all based on NRA curriculum. This material far exceeds Florida State Standards.

All of my students that participate in my
Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class and
1st Time Shooter Class graduate with greater proficiency than Florida requires for granting the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

  • Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class
  • 1st Time Shooter
  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • The class size of the classroom portion of my firearms classes is limited to the available seating of which ever facility is used.

  • To ensure the proper quality of training for all attendees of the
    Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class,
    the size of the groups accompanying me to the range is limited to 6 people per hour.

  • To ensure the proper quality of training for the 1st Time Shooter class,
    the size of the group accompanying me to the range is limited to 3 people per hour.
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