Business Description and Vision
“Self-Protection Concepts, llc” was formed in 2012, to provide, in exchange for appropriate compensation, the service of educating the general public, in the concept of, reasons for, and techniques to protect themselves from physical attack. These techniques have their immediate origins in the material taught in a collection of martial arts.

The martial arts material is a combination of my training in Uechi-ryu/Pangai-noon (Okinawan Karate), Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Kobudo.

The mission of “Self-Protection Concepts, llc” is to prepare and equip people to be survivors, if they ever find themselves in a situation where they are physically threatened with death or grave bodily harm.

The vision of “Self-Protection Concepts, llc” is to not only present such material to people, but to present it in such a way that those people will recognize the importance of such preparation, both for themselves and for their friends. The vision of “Self-Protection Concepts, llc” is also that there will be an acceptance and recognition of the importance of this training, beyond our local community.

Self-Protection Concepts is an out growth of my desire to help others not become statistics.

Self-Protection Concepts foundational concept is that:
Criminals choose their victims;
I can make it less likely that a person will be chosen to be a victim of a violent crime;
I can teach people how to defend themselves when they are attacked.

In an ideal world, we would all work together, helping each other to achieve our dreams.
But this is the real world: sometimes people find themselves in danger from others.

I am here to help.
My seminars provide information and training that enables people to realize:
They have worth;
They deserve protecting;
They sometimes need protecting;
They can protect themselves;
They will sometimes be the only person
that will protect themselves.

I teach the people to identify danger zones in their own life, and what can be done to reduce their likelihood of attack.

They are presented techniques that they may use when attacked.

I will help them to understand why some people become victims, and the steps they can take to avoid becoming victims, if possible... and if not, they will have been presented material to help them survive.

I will help them to realize that standing up for themselves is a worthwhile endeavor.
Never Always Happens
Self-Protection Essentials, LLC
Owner/Instructor: Richard M. Liebespach