Self-Protection Concepts, LLC
Owner/Instructor: Richard M. Liebespach
There are two types of people out there...
Those of us who work for a living
                           (or would if given the chance)
And those who do not want to work for a living,
but would rather take what you have
Many people who commit violent crimes are typically people who either do not want to work for a living, or want to take criminal control over innocent people. They would rather take what they want from others.

The same character trait/flaw that makes them too lazy to work for a living also comes into effect when
they choose who to attack....
And YES, It Is  A Selection Process!

Those who don't want to work for a living, also don't want to work for an illegal living... After all, that would be too much like work.

They choose people who look like they would be an
easy target.

In my seminars we examine that selection process, and our lives, to identify things that we can do to not be chosen to be a victim.


I will teach you what you can do to defend yourself, when you are attacked.

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Upcoming Seminars
Are located in Plant City, Brandon, and a place near you.

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Self-Defense is what you are trying to do in the midst of an attack.
Self-Protection is, "Let's not go there in the 1st place, but if we do, it is also the physical techniques you need to get the time you need to get someplace safe... even if you are attacked by the biggest badest person you've met in the passed few weeks."

I can teach you these things if you come to one or more of my seminars.
Not everyone is nice. Be Prepared!
Much More than self-defense