Self-Protection Seminars
Learn much more than Self-Defense

Self-Defense is what you need once the attack begins
Self-Protection is "Let's not be attacked in the first place..."
"if you are, then here's how you can defend yourself!"

We teach Self-Protection. You learn how to not become a victim. You will learn how to get to safety if you are attacked.
Self-Protection Concepts, LLC
Owner/Instructor: Richard M. Liebespach
Cell/Text: 813-597-8652

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It is our conviction that while this website may help businesses to understand why they should bring us in to train their employees, a more complete understanding of what is best suited to you specific needs can only be obtained in conversation with our expert staff.

Because of our conviction on that point, we have shaped and molded this website with the intended purpose of helping individuals and small groups to learn how we can empower them to make decisions that will enable them to live their life undamaged by the harmful intent of others.

We do that via seminars where the attendees are taught what it is that criminals are looking for when they are choosing their next victim.

Because of the importance of what we teach, you should stop, examine your calendar, and decide when to be a part of one or more of my seminars. If one of my upcoming dates does not match your schedule, contact us and we will, if possible, schedule a seminar to suit your schedule.

In our seminars, not only do we teach people what it is that criminals are looking for when they are choosing their next victim.

We help people develop the mindset necessary to come through an attack in a positive sense.

We teach people physical techniques they can use to protect themselves IF they are attacked. We teach techniques designed to get them enough time to get to safety. It is not our goal for you to make a greasy spot on the ground with your attacker. It is our goal to teach you what you need to get to safety.

We believe, and our passed students believe, that we do that.

We believe that if you attend my seminars, you will be safer and more capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones if you are attacked.

Richard Liebespach